How to fight Depression at College

 In General

The fact remains true when it comes to helping students who are suffering from depression. When you live far from home, the long winter months can be depressing, the sense of homesickness kicks in, and you start feeling all gloomy and useless. This is just one example of depression, likewise, there can be many more reasons where students feel depressed, and to the limit that they allow depression to be a dominant factor in their lives. Though colleges and universities have hired psychologists, and clinical social workers, yet this problem is so persistent in current times. This article will discuss some ways to combat depression, although if you are clinically depressed, it is recommended that you take the right counsel and professional help from either within your college/university or outside.

Make exercise your routine

Many students follow the same boring pattern of attending classes, going on lunch and dinner breaks, sometimes going out with friends, and then they are back in their dorms. Well, whatever routine you may be following right now, you can tweak it a little, and add an element of exercise once a day. Any kind of physical activity releases endomorphism, that produce positive ions regulated within your brain, and these positive ions motivate positive actions such as: positive thinking, positive attitude, and positive output. Moreover, as a student it is always difficult to fight the academic pressures, therefore, exercise gives a break from the monotonous routine of academic life.

Breathing Exercise or Yoga Practice

Yoga or Breathing Exercise is an evident based practice, and though this is an ancient Asian practice, it serves to play a strong role of medicine when it comes to helping you to overcome depression. Especially breathing exercise also known as ‘Pranayama’ helps you regain your lost muscles in the brain to bring it right on track. Breathing exercise is also learned to be meditational, and this allows you to go into a fraction of moment, where you feel the peace and tranquility needed for your body. This helps you to nurture positive thoughts which help you fight depression. Students are advised and encouraged to practice yoga or breathing exercise at least once a day.

Let Go

When you face certain situations on campus that have been tough and challenging, then you have to learn the trick of ‘let go’. Just as a horse is controlled by a bridle, in a same way, we have to the bridle of our life, to tell ourselves to ‘let go’. By inculcating the attitude of ‘letting go’ will help you to be a winner over everything that acts as a ‘depression’ in your life.

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