Three Tricks to Improve Academic Writing

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We have come across many students who hate to write. Rather their college or university life becomes miserable just due to very reason of not been able to write. Writing is a practice, and we have learned over the years, the more we have motivated, encouraged and appreciated the work of our students, the more they have embraced the art of writing. The professions and writing experts of easy assignment have been working day and night to create a module on ‘Improving academic writing’. Though it has been a challenge to compile all the important information, still our team has not given up. This article is a short excerpt on learning the art of improving academic writing.

Understanding your academic writing style

It is necessary to narrow the focus from major writing criteria to understanding your academic writing style. If your university or college requires you to follow a certain format then you have to stick to that format, and explore the writing techniques of that specific format. For an example, let’s consider APA format. This is the most standardized format of the day. You have to read a lot about this format and understand its specifications. The second step then is translating your expressions through writing via reflection method and formal conversational tone; this allows proper fragmentation of sentences. The third step is to formalize your expressions through final delivery by using the right grammar for the sentences written.

Re-learn Grammar

Learning grammar is not difficult, and it can be relearned all over again. Nowadays there are many online resources, and some can be found on, where our grammar experts and especially conduct individual sessions that will help you to re-learn the grammar concepts. Learning can never be a drag unless you make yourself interested in the subject.

Enjoy your writing

After re-learning the essential concepts and rules in grammar, you have to start enjoying your own writing. Unless you development the inner joy of writing, this trick is not going to work. You have to prepare your mind to believe that writing is an art, and I want to master that skill. It becomes easy when you do this with professionals. Writing professionals not only motivate you but they are positive reinforces who are going to help you practice hard, and for your own good. Won’t it be brilliant to write an entire essay or research paper and then receive an A grade.

So, learn these basic three skills of academic writing, and take pride in earning A’s in all your papers.

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