Writing Strong Papers using a three-point thesis approach

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The very essence of college or university life is been able to write A+ research papers. Achieving A+ in papers means winning the academic life series. Seriously, when you think about the education span, it is like running some kind of race which needs to be won. Writing an A+ paper is just like running a kind of race while fighting obstacles that come as a hindrance in academic studies, and reaching the mark of writing a perfect essay, research paper or thesis. So how to aim for a top-notch grade all the time is a huge question mark for many students. The objective of this article is to give a dose of three steps which helps students to reach the highest grade.

Introduction in a Research Paper

For many students “introduction” in an essay, research, or report means just babbling. Students are unaware about the importance of writing an A+ winning introduction. Well, your introduction is a key to getting the grade you want. For a good introduction, you need the below:

  • A right hook

  • A grasping question or thesis statement

  • A catchy quote

For these three to fall in place, you need to do a lot of research, and go through relevant journal articles that help you with a map of writing an effective introductory part. This part is not at all difficult. It is essential to keep a note of every important point that is significant for your research study. All the points have to be compressed in the end to create that perfect “introduction”.

Body of your Research Study

The other most significant or rather very crucial segment is the “body” of a research paper. You need important quotations, data, and important illustrations to prove each point you make. Your evidence has to be supportive and transitional. This can be done when you formulate great correlations for your arguments. Instructors are interested in synthesis of your statements and the application of synthesis to the research arguments. To make this part a winner it is very essential to make use of highlighted quotations by famous authors or evident scholars.

Make it End with Right Conclusion

Conclusion is like “icing” in the research paper. Paper needs to be concluded by an effective coating of right conclusive remarks which forms as an icing coat in any research work. Conclusion is an insight provider for the reader, and so it has to be succinct, clear, and thorough.

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