• After you have placed an order, and it is assigned to the expert, and if he/she is half way through the assignment, but you want to cancel it; in this case, we encourage you to wait till the order is completed, unless your assignment instructions are not followed. We respect the hard work of all the writers, and therefore we don’t want them to be obligated or financially burdened in this case.
    • If you are not satisfied with your academic work then you can place a request for another writer, which will be processed; after our team checks the academic work, and your academic requirements. If they do not match, then our team will assign another expert writer who would help you in editing the assignment, and the expert will deliver the assignment to the best so that you are not at loss either ways. If our team finds that the work is legible and as per the academic standards, requirements and policy, then we would request you re-submit your work at the university.
    • Our objective is to please our students in each possible way, however, at times, it is possible to find errors in the assignment, on this rare situations, we would definitely reimburse you by solving free assignment the next time you place an order.
    • We assure our students to excel in their academics by providing best solutions that earn ‘A’ grade to the least, and B to the maximum. However, if by chance, you have earned a ‘failed’ grade due to any negligence, then we will reimburse you the entire amount for that assignment, after evaluating your tutor authentic remarks. We have never dealt with such cases so far, but this is part of our policy, and so we abide by the rule.
    • If by mistake you have paid twice for one assignment, then we request you to produce both the receipts of payment confirmation, so that we can reimburse the amount that you have paid twice.

Note: We are always reworking on utilizing the most advanced methodology to assure the credibility and authenticity of each academic assignment. We believe in perfection, and therefore, it is the hard work and good intentions for our students that have enabled us to earn a reputable platform in this field.